Pharmaceuticals & Biopharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals are among the most sensitive types of goods.

At MEDEXENO, we take every precaution when it comes to pharmaceutical product transport. Upon receipt in our special cross-docking warehouse for pharmaceutical products, we focus on incoming Quantitative and Qualitative Control Operations (temperature, consistency of transport documents and goods, verification of package integrity).

Trained staff handle warehousing in a continuously monitored air-conditioned warehouse until the products are shipped to our clients. Safe transport can be further ensured with temperature data loggers placed in the products.

Last but not least, because the goods are inevitably exposed to significant temperature variations during transport from crossing different climatic zones with variable weather and temperatures – which can even fluctuate significantly between night and day – we recommend isothermal and refrigerated packaging for air transport and plug-in reefer containers for sea transport, in order to guarantee the integrity and proper preservation of the shipping units.

Medical equipment
& diagnostic devices

Medical equipment and devices are fragile items that must be handled with care. This is why it is important to choose trained experts who have the know-how to move these special goods and who will make sure all necessary care is exercised during their journey. To ensure safe medical equipment transport, bracing aids and weights are used whenever the need arises.

MEDEXENO arranges the international transport, storage and logistics for your medical equipment and devices, whether importing or exporting. We place a strong emphasis on flexibility, security and cost optimisation.

Medical Imaging
& Technology

MEDEXENO has developed a full range of services for professionals in the medical imaging and technology sector. Our experts are available to provide advice and personalised services for all your medical imaging transport, handling or storage needs.

Medical imaging equipment – i.e. for radiology – must be handled with care. These products are often both fragile and expensive, making it imperative to perfectly strap them down and/or brace and protect them during transport by air or sea. When it comes to heavy and/or large products, we use specific and specially-designed handling equipment.

We always work with your teams in project mode, as in the case of 'industrial projects' (Hesnault Group service).

Health and Beauty
& cosmetics

Cosmetics, skin cosmetics and perfumes all feature complex chemical compositions. They are highly sensitive to temperature fluctuations, whether cold or hot. Consequently, controlled transport and storage conditions are essential for keeping the products' properties intact.

MEDEXENO specialises in handling, storing and transporting these high value-added products that are subject to strict requirements. Our experts can identify the ideal health and beauty product transport solution that meets the specifications of both the client and the product. Despite its complexity, the supply chain for skin cosmetics must be fast and flexible to optimise costs.


Nutritional products also impose significant constraints, especially when it comes to temperature control. Whether sports nutrition, health, well-being or food supplement transport, MEDEXENO leverages all of our ‘Pharma’ expertise to provide manufacturers and nutrition professionals with ‘à la carte’ solutions for controlling B2B logistics, transport and storage flows from and to all international destinations.

Veterinary Products
& Medicines

Veterinary product transport is no less regulated than the transport of human medicines. MEDEXENO also offers the leading names in Animal Health and Nutrition storage, order preparation, international transport and customs clearance solutions for veterinary goods.

Your veterinary products will be stored and handled just as carefully as human healthcare products.