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Customs clearance

As a Registered Customs Representative, MEDEXENO will assist you with all your customs procedures. Our team of dedicated experts provides a personalised service to facilitate all the customs procedures involved in transporting your pharmaceutical and healthcare merchandise around the world.

Our Customs services:

  • Customs clearance operations: import/export declarations, preparation of TIR and ATA carnets, forwarding
  • Assessment of customs duties
  • Support for tariff classification and identification of origins
  • Suggestions for streamlining customs clearance
  • Regularisation of your applications
  • Collection of regulatory documents
  • Monitoring of regulations
  • Formulation of your customs procedures

With our AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certification as a guarantee of reliability, MEDEXENO is a customs broker equipped to ensure efficient customs procedures for simplified transport.

Online quotes, orders & stock

Online quotes

Get a quote directly on the website (using personalised rates)

Online orders

Digital order process:
- Select which batches have priority for loading (calculation of taxable weight/volume for Freight cost simulation)
- Identify departure dates and times (estimated arrival times)
- Choose an Air & Sea Company

Online stock

View the goods stored in the warehouse by batch (number, type of product, volume, weight, name of the shipper, date of entry, number of days stored duty-free)

Insurance & Security

HESNAULT's cover

  • Ad valorem insurance covers your goods during transport by AIR, SEA and ROAD
  • Worlwide cover
  • The cover begins from the moment MEDEXENO or our subcontractors accept the goods and continues until these are delivered to your customer or their representative
  • The protection can be tailored to each individual case by applying numerous additional clauses
  • Competitive insurance premium
  • Without excess

Only Ad Valorem insurance offers a secure pharma process guarantee:

  • Compensation up to the commercial value of your goods and, if included in the insurance value, transport costs and duties
  • Swift management and reimbursement in the event of a claim,
  • Covering of appraisal costs, general average contribution.