Pharmaceutical Logistics

Dedicated Warehouses

For sea transport, medicines are received in a dedicated cross-docking warehouse in Le Havre:

  • A total warehousing area of more than 4000 m² under controlled temperature (+15°/+25°C), with a 25,263 m³ capacity. This is equivalent to more than 4,000 pallets using a cross-docking setup,
  • Separate 700+ m² temperature-controlled loading and unloading areas,
  • 11 dock levellers with doors fitted with dock seals that effectively close off the gap between the truck and the building,
  • 1 door with ramp access for commercial vehicles,
  • Security cameras for monitoring container loading and unloading zones.

This warehouse satisfies the needs of our clients:

  • Heightened monitoring of incoming goods,
  • Refrigerated transport and humidity control,
  • Protection from pests and exposure to light,
  • Adapted handling, temporary storage (in racks) and delivery processes,
  • Bonded warehouse,
  • Dedicated, qualified staff,
  • Co-ordination of hauling to the port or airport.

Consolidation & Order Preparation Service

Ideal for small 1 to 10 m³ shipments of pharmaceutical products, consolidation in ocean shipping containers lets you pack your goods alongside those of other shippers bound for the same destination, thereby optimising costs by grouping shipments together.

This solution offers three major benefits:

  • Secure transport
  • Practicality
  • Reduced transport costs

From or to anywhere in the world, MEDEXENO has established logistics services at each stage of the supply chain, from sourcing to distribution.

Pharmaceutical quality process

MEDEXENO dispose d’une Direction Qualité Groupe et d’une Personne Responsable, en charge au sein de l’organisation de :

  • Establishes and provides training for staff on the GDP,
  • Oversees inventory control operations (traceability, holding/releasing of batches, quarantine, expiry, product returns),
  • Oversees product quality control and security operations,
  • Ensures warehousing conditions for medicines,
  • Ensures traceability of activities (documents/records) and conducts in-house inspections,
  • Follows quality improvement action plans,
  • Implements a quality and pharmaceutical risk management plan together with the group's quality manager.

Great care is taken to ensure the safety and security of your goods, as well as compliance with current health regulations. A set of procedures and specifications are delineated and implemented to guarantee our global cross-docking storage and handling process for your health products.