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Medexeno: Your pharmaceutical logistics partner

International freight forwarder specialising in medicines

MEDEXENO is a Pharmaceutical logistics specialist, freight forwarder as well as the preferred partner of exporters and importers of medicines and health products: Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Distributors and medical device, Medtech and Biotech manufacturers.

A subsidiary of the HESNAULT group, MEDEXENO’s expertise and know-how in the international export of health products, in international trade and in customs procedures bridges the gap between continents, between manufacturers and distributors and between those who design products and those who need them.

To put the quality and security of international transport and logistics to work for the healthcare sector.

Because medicines and health products may need to be stored and transported under special conditions (refrigeration, controlled temperature, hazardous products, stupefacients, psychoactive products and even high value-added products), MEDEXENO is equipped with facilities capable of providing the optimal solutions for all your needs and meeting the strict health regulations in force.

Notre direction QUALITE Groupe ainsi que la Personne Responsable, intégrés à notre équipe d’experts supervisent les opérations d’entreposage en Cross Docking, s’assurent du respect de l’ensemble des procédures mises en place, et de la formation du personnel dédié.

MEDEXENO ships 10,000 tonnes of medicines around the world each year.

Wholly-owned subsidiary of the HESNAULT GROUP

Long-standing expertise
their subsidiary can rely on

MEDEXENO has the support of the HESNAULT Group and their 60 years of experience in transport, logistics, international freight and forwarding of goods to the French overseas departments and territories and to African countries.

Our know-how

Brokering and organising the international transport of health products

Medicines & Vaccines

Medical & Diagnostic Devices


Veterinary Products

As an experienced freight forwarder, MEDEXENO offers a service tailored to the needs of each client, the degree of urgency, temperature constraints (refrigerated medicines), the country of destination and the added value of the product being transported.
Our experts keep all these criteria in mind when they recommend the most appropriate supply chain for your specifications.

Our Customs Experts will also offer you personalised support to optimise, prepare and simplify every step of your customs clearance process.

We are committed to ensuring that you get the best transport and storage solution with the best transit times at the best rates.

A travers notre certification GDP, c’est notre qualité de service ainsi que l’implication de tous nos collaborateurs qui sont reconnues en France comme à l’international dans les domaines qui couvrent nos activités de Commissionnaire de transport, Entreposage, Logistique, Affrètement et Transport.


Pharmaceutical products demand special attention when it comes to freight safety and security, as well as compliance with health regulations including strict cold chain management.

We have a 4,000+ m² forwarding and handling hub in the port of Le Havre, satisfying the ‘Good Wholesale Distribution Practices’ standards for Pharmaceutical Products and, specifically, temperature and environmental control.

The subsidiary offers turnkey solutions suited to the needs of this forward-looking transport in compliance with all requirements for storing and transporting these products.

These include:

  • Temperature control
  • Inventory control operations
  • Dedicated staff trained in Good Distribution Practices (GDP)

Our dedicated warehouse measuring over 4000 m² in the port of Le Havre is able to keep medicines at controlled temperatures. Here, products are received and consolidated before setting off again in the appropriate (Reefer) containers.

Our tailored services

Solutions for international pharmaceutical transport

MEDEXENO provides a full range of logistics and freight services specifically for the international transport of medicines, medical equipment and health products. This allows MEDEXENO to bridge the gap between the worlds of Pharmacy and international logistics. Our experts deliver a bespoke service to optimise flow and transport management for pharmaceuticals.

Our range of MEDEXENO Solutions:

  • Air and sea freight as well as multimodal transport for your medicines and medical devices
  • Logistical organisation of pharmaceutical product transport
  • Temporary warehouse and container storage compliant with temperature requirements: room temperature, +15°C/+25°C, +2°C/+8°C, sub-zero
  • Stock management and space optimisation
  • Advice & support for customs clearance
  • Our FLEXIBLE services: Electronic Tracking, Packing Optimisation, Cost Price Calculation, Extranet Viewing and Tracking Tool, Supervision and Control Tool, Dashboards and Performance Indicators, Insurance for Goods.

Whether importing or exporting, MEDEXENO has developed logistics services for every stage of the supply chain, from sourcing to distribution.

Transit Warehouses

Management & Logistics Advice

Customs Clearance

Insurance & Security

MEDEXENO in numbers

100 M Euros


Valeur marchandise

0 tonnes


Air Freight

100 TEUs


Sea Freight

Perfect for small volumes from 1 to 10 m³, consolidation in ocean shipping containers is THE SOLUTION for grouping together several shippers with the same destination – the practical, cost-saving and secure solution.

Our commitments

A safe and reliable supply chain:
MEDEXENO considers the quality of the pharmaceutical supply chain to be a top priority.

  • Compliance with Good Distribution Practices (GDP)
  • Cold chain management
  • Risk, time and cost control
  • Security of goods
  • Speed of dispatch
  • Supply consistency

To put the quality and security of international transport and logistics to work for the healthcare sector.

Our worldwide coverage

A network of international agents & brokers for your pharmaceutical products

MEDEXENO benefits from the HESNAULT Group’s worldwide coverage with recognised expertise serving the Pacific, Indian Ocean and Africa.

We are strengthening our international transport foothold in health product imports from India, China and Southwest Asia.

Our dedicated teams of experts, with some 300 employees around the world, are available and ready to listen and respond to your needs and to offer advice.